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  • Glexon Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent and leading cosmetic products manufacturer in ahmedabad, we offer third party manufacturing and private labeling service for skin care, hair care, personal care, baby care, oral care. Glexon is equipped with highly sophisticated and advanced facilities. The facility is planned and designed to meet the domestic as well as international demand both qualitatively and quantitatively. It is dedicated in manufacturing of cosmetic and quality sterile products.

    At glexon, Quality is a journey, not a goal. It continuously sets higher standards and feels passionate to achieve all that. We have expertise in manufacturing of skin care, hair care, personal care, baby care, oral care products.

    Customer care and customer satisfaction is only our motto, We believe in providing affordable products with high quality through continuous technical innovations and improvements to satisfy our customers, We believe in teamwork, networking, continuous learning and development in our organization.

    We value competence, merit and excellence in our people, We value honesty, integrity and fairness in all our dealings, We value mutual trust, transparency, openness and professionalism in our dealings.

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