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  • Our journey has started on Sept 2011. Since then we are constantly providing outsourcing solutions towards various small scale industries to large size corporate, both offshore & onshore; whether core IT or ITES operations. We are always ready to help our clients’ whenever they opt for our quality assistance to increase their business momentum in terms of both saving time & money efficiently.

    We not only focus on urban sectors rather strategically rigorously work over rural Indian sectors because we strongly believe that Indian IT industry do attracts a significant amount of rural talents every year. And here on Oasis Inventor, we feel more than happy to provide several knowledgeable (BPO or even Software oriented) job opportunities towards the educated rural peoples rather than moving those efficient rural peoples to urban sectors where the jobs are. This experimental strategy works fine and already symbolized our journey as a fruitful endeavor. According to our opinion, this model has fine-tuned 2 basic socio-economic needs that none can deny.

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