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  • PK Chopra & Co. was established in 1963, with its head office in Gurugram. It has satellite units in Delhi, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Bangalore and Kochi. It is an India-based professional services firm that focuses as much on its services. For over 4 decades we have been actively catering to small, medium-sized and big companies across the world. Our clients range from a wide range of industries and sectors, and we are certified members of most of the renowned global accountancy bodies.

    Over the years, PK Chopra has emerged as a trusted partner, brand and an initiative that has continuously defined and re-defined the outsourcing paradigms in the domain of accountancy. Varied experience, skilled manpower and technical expertise empowers our business that vis-à-vis empowers yours.

    Management Consultancy india

    With India having emerged as an outsourcing destination at par with the global standards, and Indian companies competing and succeeding the best, PK Chopra has truly and literally carved a niche for itself – On the basis of the firm’s exposure to Indian and global practices, a leadership team that boasts of some of the most famous names in the accountancy circles, its strategic location in Connaught Place, and a culture that regularly transforms its customers into friends..

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