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  • We're a startup created from the zest for India and its arts

    Hasthcraft is a sincere endeavor, an honest undertaking to bring together treasures of Indian Handicraft, and the artists behind it, and present them to the art lovers of the world. It’s an indigenous platform, which provides space to the Celebrated as well as the Unsung talents of Handicraft, to showcase the rich and abounding paragons of ageless Indian craftsmanship and artistry.

    Who are We

    We are a bunch of new age business enthusiasts, who bring experiences from diverse fields, hugely motivated to bring together the brightest talents of the Indian Handicraft landscape and make them a Household name. We have hit many dirt roads to hinterlands and encountered some amazing talents in the far off corners of this vast country.  Awestruck with the amount of talents we have, away from the buzz and grandiose of the Art galleries and the Conventions, We decided to help them connect with the market, the followers and the admirers of this opulent genius.

    We heard some amazing stories of Obstinate Struggle and undying perseverance to keep our civilizational legacy alive. The wisdom of centuries passed downed generation to generation through art and its inspirations. And in the process of discovery, we stumbled upon a treasure trove of stunning artwork and craftsmanship, which we proudly showcased at our Platform along with the story of the Artists.

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