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  • DBS (originally Diners Business Services) offers modern office spaces for different categories of clients from MNCs to small, medium and large enterprises, entrepreneurs, freelancers and consultants, and start-ups. Office spaces can be customised as per specific requirements. The entire management and running of the office is undertaken by DBS.

    It all started with an idea...
    It was the early 1980s. The Indian economy was growing and there was a need for office space for business people on the move. This was when DBS pioneered the concept of an 'instant office' where you could just walk in and get down to business with all the facilities you needed available at the press of a button. The entire infrastructure and management of the office was undertaken by DBS leaving the client free to concentrate on business growth. "You run your business while we run your office," was the motto.

    The idea took root and the first business center at Nariman Point, Mumbai, spawned a network of business centers in India each of which bears the DBS hallmark of quality and the personal touch.
    DBS continues with its commitment to provide the best locations, facilities, technology and people crucial to making a business successful. DBS considers itself a partner in its client's business growth. Many success stories have had their start in a DBS business center.

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