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  • A pioneer in constructing picturesque residential and commercial buildings across Kolkata since the last four decades, the Orion Group has now made its presence felt in the domain of note- books and stationery In the last five years, Orion has witnessed an exponential growth, by its mantra of making stationery available for the mass as well as the class. With its focus on education and literacy Orion follows the four pillars of success – Quality, Innovation, Affordability and Empathy. With its zest of investing in creative, designer covers and high quality pages, the brand is optimistic about the future of the industry, with only a few dedicated manufacturers.

    Be it a business house or an educational institute, the demand for notebooks can never be low. Known for making notebooks in all sizes and shapes, from pocket-sized to full-size,

    Orion communicates as, ‘Big or small, writing is for all” Its paper. types include perforated, grid, ruled blank, numbered pages, table of contents, gusseted pockets in the cover and more. The attention to detailing coupled with high quality paper and quirky covers is what makes it an undisputed market leader. Whether it is an individual looking for a personal experience or a business user looking for something a bit more subdued, Orion is all geared to change how the nation writes!

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