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  • Delhi as you now not only capital of India but which bear a long History, Tradition of Culture, literature and civilization. Here people popular of '' ZINDA DIL '' and sincerity when a large of people in whole India, so therefore this city can also be called of languages, culture, literature and civilization. Daily Siyasi Taqdeer Urdu is launched Dated 17/12/2008 has touched the market stall and is becoming popular among people due to its distinguished journalism ,we are proud fully asked during  this Period news paper has achieved grate popularity in the country. During this period of time its Lucknow, Mumbai and Kolkata edition also launched. A Trade and business is going as in the name politics and there is a crisis of transparent journalism Leave alone writing true facts, a call will come in your office and you cannot utter a word. Now, now earnest money is taken to bring a newspaper which can be confiscated by the government. But it is a matter of serious concern that administration does not take responsibility to guaranty the lives of journalists. You can see the wide spread sorrowful condition of Urdu language in the country. The circles of Urdu readers are shortening. Even people, whose mother tongue is Urdu, have gone toward other language. Urdu newspaper, whose publication depends upon advertisement, has no market. It is unexpected to write down on the issue of common people in a news paper, which is running on government’s advertisement. These dailies have not any option even to ask question from a present government regarding the public issues so that they are not deprived from government’s advertisements. The government has took control over community organizations step by step and the heads of the organization have been appointed by the government as they are favorite  people in governments eyes, who are forced to appreciate the government all the time. Communal hatred dominates over whole country. A particular community, whose mother tongue is Urdu and regarded as Muslims, has been shunned by the government and the non- Muslims,This news paper is read in many cities and villages of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Punjab and, Rajasthan this time is over circulation of Delhi.41479, Locknow.38060, Mumbai.37655, Kolkata. 24289 and digital print of over website reach are large people.

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