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  • Trucom is manufacturers of high performance and long life walkie talkie. We are also an authorised dealer & distributor of Motorola Walkie Talkie in Delhi India. Today's competitive environment need to have strategic communication tools like Walkie talkie, two-way radio and constantly use information systems to effectively manage business activities. Trucom are well-equipped with deep industry knowledge and powerful expertise in regard to radio communications.

    Trucom provide highly reliable Motorola Walkie Talkie wireless radio communication solutions and service to help customers generate value and competitive gain, through the range of innovative and industry-leading communication solutions and after-sales services targeted at diversed industries.Trucom walkie talkie are available in two models Trucom License Free walkie talkie T2, Trucom T360, Trucom T500, Trucom T980, Trucom R980 Repeater and Walkie Talkie Accessories in India. Trucom Walkie talkie and two-way radios have the technology you need to increase productivity and maximise your performance in the industry and business environment. Many organizations across the world are using two-way radios for internal communications between and among their personnel.

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