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  • ORIX is a dynamic and diversified enterprise offering a broad range of services. Since its founding in 1964, ORIX has developed a dynamic and diversified portfolio offering a broad range of services. ORIX is a leader in numerous domains including leasing, financing, investment, life insurance, banking, asset management, automobile-related services, real estate, environment and energy services. With our roots in leasing, ORIX has grown to become an enterprise unlike any other. In its 50-year history, ORIX has constantly sought opportunities and overcome many of challenges in the ever-changing social and business climate.

    One of ORIX's hallmarks is “solution-making” which involves thinking absolutely everything through - from customer requests to positive outcomes. ORIX is dedicated to finding “the answer” to fulfill individualized needs and circumstances for each customer.

    ORIX has also expanded its arms in non-finance businesses. It has, over the years, invested significantly in areas like energy and environment, principal investment, and asset management.

    Currently, with its global network spanned across 38 countries and regions, ORIX owns segment assests worth ¥ 9 trillion

    Global expansion rooted in local economies has supported optimum on-site performance. Local management enables tailoring of ORIX’ s services to target local needs while maintaining a unified corporate iden tity of ORIX. Our businesses are therefore attuned to each of t he countries and regions we serve, allowing for provision of services at a uniformly high standard across the globe.

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