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  • Prasanna Packaging History
    Foundation of An Era of Innovations

    The entrepreneurial journey of Mr. Sanjiv Sarnaik started with buy out of a Swiss enterprise in 1992 and renaming of the enterprise as Space Electricals.

       After investing 2-3 years in Machine design and innovation, Space Electricals got its first major breakthrough in 1992 through its first order from Chitale dairy, Pioneers in the dairy industry in India. Even today the relationship between the two organizations PPML and Chitale Dairy is as strong and durable as the machine installed in 1992.

       Space electrical by early 2000 was a well-established in Indian market with installations in leading diary industries across India The ambition was now to start exports of the machines to some of the developing and underdeveloped economies - The first breakthrough export order was for the Ugandan firm Sameer Agriculture.

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