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  • The eastern Indian state, Bihar needs no introduction today. From the best administered state to the worst managed state it has been a long journey for Bihar separated by time and temperament, history and geography, politics of principle to politics without principle. Along the way plenty stood still, hunger became a wanderer, development an eff-off. With a land mass larger than France and population more than five times that of Australia, Bihar somewhere lost its glorious past and admirable socio-cultural ambience until someone, a year ago, dared to see the whole picture by stepping out of the frame.

    Sedulous efforts were made, several silences were shared and today the state become the ‘most preferred destination’ for one and all across the Globe. So to share the experiences, examine the exclamations, explore the new ground and search the Cartesian light there is a Global Meet at Patna to be organized between 19-21 January’ 2007.

    The New Delhi based Institute for Human Development [IHD] and Patna based Bihar Times with the active participation of the state government have taken steps to make this mega-meaningful event a proper platform for the people from all walks of life to come and join hands together for the common purpose.

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