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  • NRI Legal World is a unique platform, helping NRIs across the globe by managing and resolving their legal and administrative issues within and outside India. Our team, comprising of expert and experienced Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Civil Servants and Management Personnel, aims to resolve NRIs legal issues quickly, efficiently and confidentially.

    The constraints of expatriate life make it challenging for a lot of NRIs to deal with situations, which are beyond their reach and control. Realising the constraints of non-residents having to travel back and forth to India and limitations of resources or time, NRI Legal World was established. We are a one-stop solution for all your property matters, land disputes, family or matrimony issues, criminal litigation, civil litigation and/or pending administrative tasks. With the help of our team, consisting of professional and experienced Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Civil Servants, & Management Personnel, we deliver trustworthy legal and administrative support services to Indian residents settled abroad (NRIs).

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