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  • Spartan… All The Gear All The Time.

    We love bikes, we love long rides, we love the roads and we love life on two wheels. And the thing that concerns us most in biking is our safety. Serious bikers across the globe rely on quality protective biking gear to give them a better chance of surviving a fall or crash. On a motorcycle, it's not a question of "IF" you fall but "WHEN". And any serious biker will tell you that when you go down, you want as much between you and the ground as possible in order to break or mitigate the fall.

    After years of chatting over "chai" and biscuits at innumerable highway stops all over the country, a group of seasoned bikers decided to do something about the lack of quality riding gear in our country. In the summer of 2010, the death of a comrade on our country's killer roads due to the lack of basic protective gear spurred them into action and SPARTAN was born.

    The project was named SPARTAN in honor of the ancient Greek heroes, whose code of Honor, Integrity, Courage and Frugality were an inspiration to follow and forms the basic tenets of the company.

    It was initially thought that the company should source quality products from abroad and offer them to the community, but it was soon apparent that after paying the foreign brand's marketing costs and overheads + high import duties, the gear that we could source would be out of the reach for an everyday biker. And our mission was to make safety affordable to every biker in this country.

    So the decision was made to produce our own products in the some of the best manufacturing facilities in the world under our own label, with the assistance of one of the world's largest and oldest private production companies.

    Extensive research and planning goes into design and manufacture of our products. And being riders ourselves, the experience of extensive riding in this country gives us the edge in knowing what a biker wants. The biking gear that comes from us reflect safety, comfort and practicality at an affordable price.

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