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  • The New Indian Express has been a standard-bearer for journalism in India ever since its inception in 1932 in Chennai.

    Well-respected - both in India and abroad - it incorporates national and international themes and sections on developmental issues, society, politics, literature, arts, cinema, travel, lifestyle, sports, business, finance, new-age living, self-development and entertainment.

    Readers of the newspaper can be found across the world.

    The publication boasts of dynamic and discerning readers who are constantly exploring new possibilities to make their lives better.

    The company is promoted by the Express Publications (Madurai) Private Limited, which publishes The New Indian Express, from 25 centers in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala and Odisha.

    It also publishes Sunday Standard from New Delhi.

    Express Publications (Madurai) Private Limited also brings out the Tamil daily Dinamani.

    The group boasts of a robust online presence through its flagship website -

    In Tamil, there is, while news in Kannada is covered on and Malayalam on

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