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  • “Ignoring those innermost feelings like fear, sadness pain and sorrows they work for their goal.”- In my views. Actually, this line is purely dedicated to those successful men who have a long run hard work, finally which invites good luck for them. And in this case, it’s works for my honorable and respected, directors of our GK RIKSHAW company. G stand for as GAUTAM BASU and K stands for KHOKAN HOWLADAR. Yes, absolutely right they are the only one those whom I’m talking about. As per R.W EMERSON said “SHALLOW MEN BELIEVE IN LUCK OR CIRCUMSTANCE. STRONG MEN BELIEVE IN CAUSE AND EFFECT ” means to depend on luck to succeed in life would be farfetched and misleading. And as per in Bhagwat Gita LORD KRISHNA say the same. these words works as a kind of instinct or inspiration for them. These are some sublime messages that we may see in seers, prophets and apostles. I personally believe and through my experience I agree with them and it’s very much erroneous in believing those lucks and fates. And how can I forget to tell that because of their both unity and bonding of this friendship they succeed and in future they will overcome any problem easily. My sirs friendship is the best example of true friendship, which is rarely can be seen in present generation. I’m a staff and a daily worker like those common people but fortunately I’m a staff member of this office. They are my mentors, idols in word for describing them is that they are perfectionist. Now, Let’s move on to their past life story from which we can get to know that how much struggles, painstaking efforts they passed though to come this place. Since 2012 they both have start struggling. They build their electric rickshaws on their own and sell it then slowly and gradually with lots of hard work. Single day was not pass that they didn’t work for their goal. They fight with their surviving and with the outside world. Their ambition is so much powerful that it implies them to fight and strive for glory of self and entire country. Slowly and gradually wise they build up a company in 2014 with some much success that now whole India knows about GK RIKSHAW PVT. Ltd. GK RIKSHAW COMPANY is an innovative company currently located in Baidyabati, Hooghly, West Bengal. which brings this new generation erickshaws at our doorstep. This types of vehicles does not produce smoke which cause air pollution cause it is eco friendly. Since pollution is increasing day by day we should stop it or else human life in risk and full of danger, for stopping this dangerous disaster Electric rickshaws have been devolved. It runs in battery which can be chargeable. Our company is distributed in several parts of India like Assam, Bihar and etc. Lastly I want to conclude wit our Slogan “ YOUR SUPPORT MAKE US BEST ”.

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