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  • Hommee is an interior design company founded by NID , NIFT & SPA alumni with core team made up of experienced architects based out of Kolkata. At Hommee we are committed to design a home that identifies with you, home design that is a part your identity. We understand diverse needs of our clients that make every space of your home unique.

    Our expertise stems from three major fields Space design, Interior decoration & Interior/Exterior architecture. We bring array of services to the table which can be customized as per your home requirements, ranging from interior design ideas, free interior design consultation, design & execution of living room, bedroom, Modular kitchens, Modular wardrobe, Modular at home offices, Bathroom makeovers, Home Makeovers to a completely new home. We also provide customized furniture for your home, to make that corner functional & aesthetically beautiful.

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