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  • Agriculture Skill Council of India (ASCI) is a Section 8 Not for profit concern working under the aegis of Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE). ASCI works towards capacity building by bridging gaps and upgrading skills of farmers, wage workers, self-employed & extension workers engaged in organized / unorganized segments of Agriculture & Allied Sectors.

    ASCI is contributing to nation building through Skill Development in Agriculture especially at the times when country's agriculture is experiencing stagnant growth, exodus of quality manpower to other sectors, changing climate with increased variability in production parameters and transformations in international agriculture markets that are especially too much subsidized challenging the competitiveness of Indian Agriculture.

    ASCI has taken upon itself the responsibility of transforming Indian Agriculture through developing the skills of country's manpower in emerging areas of agriculture. With the development of 182 Qualification Packs, ASCI has covered segments:

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