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  • Dear Friends,

    Here I present Romalinda, a reality of some of my golden dreams to be an image of bright eternity. If my dream has to choose between the public service and private happiness, then my dream will choose the former.

    Romalinda is going to be a unique heterogeneous multispecialty health care corridor to make your body and mind perfectly cure, energetic, fresh and delighted. For these we have to adopt traditional as well as newly invented path through the pages of allopathy, homeopathy, aurvedic uinani with all modern amenities and devices.

    Believe it or not but the biggest helper that doctors have in curing illness in the human body is the human body itself. It has amazing power to fight disease or injury. Sometimes it needs little help in the form of drugs, but today it seems that if the most powerful drugs of the future will come from the body itself and may be they will be derived from protein as the same way the Sun is a massive furnace capable of sending more energy to the earth in one hour that the energy is consumed by human being in a year.

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