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  • While most of Eastern India and North East India continue to struggle in providing hygienic and friendly services in the health care sector, Pulse Diagnostics was all set to make the difference. From its inception in 2001 till date, the idea has been always to serve the masses in a courteous manner, after all at a place like a clinic where too many anxious faces hang out, how much does it really take to remind a visitor that he will not be harassed!

    According to an IBEF study, the Indian healthcare industry is witnessing growth at a rapid pace and it is expected that the sector will touch US$ 238.76 billion by 2020. The report also suggests that these new opportunities are expected to create 40 million new jobs and around 200 billion increased revenues by the end of 2020.

    Pulse Diagnostics, forms a very minor part of this factually huge industry yet plays a major role in the lives of ordinary men and women of Kolkata. Located in Lansdowne, Pulse Diagnostics has been able to draw a large customer base over the last decade; this was largely due to a major gap in the OPD services in bigger hospitals including the private players.

    With comprehensive and up to date quality certifications from NABL, Pulse Diagnostics offers healthcare services in Digital X Ray, Bone Density, Mammography, Lab services, Neurology, gasteroentology, consultation suits, 4D Ultra Sound and Cardiology, all of them having diligent approvals from designated medical bodies like BARC, Mumbai, AIIMS New Delhi, Biorad and CMC Vellore.

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