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  • Medinova diagnostic services was established in the year 1985 as a pioneering concept in Diagnostics. For the first time in the country it offered all the diagnostic services from an ordinary blood test to a sophisticated CT Scan under one roof. With its qualitative services for more than two decades and with innovative marketing efforts, Medinova has created a brand name for itself and is the pioneer in Medical Diagnostics in the Country. Today, doctors from across the length and breadth of the Country recommend Medinova to their patients; an ample testimony of the confidence that Medinova has enthused through its unmatched Services. Medinova has already served around 10 million people and is today a household name amongst the populace of India's major cities. Medinova has four Centres offering services at various locations in the country. Also there are 3 Franchise Centers.

    Medinova gives emphasis on providing quality services and is equipped with the latest state of the art diagnostic equipment procured from World renowned suppliers like GE, Marquette, Siemens, Hitachi etc. The quality of the tests done by Centres of Medinova meet international standards.Medinova has upgraded its equipment to make best use of latest technology.

    MEDINOVA right from its inception is managed by an eminent Board comprising Directors with illustrious background. MEDINOVA's operations are managed by a team of Professionals at the Corporate Office representing different functional areas.

    Every Medinova Centre has on its roles professionals of high caliber belonging to different health care disciplines. The Centres have well experienced Radiologists, Bio-Chemists, Pathologists, Microbiologists, etc., apart from skilled Technicians to carry out the investigations,most of them having very long association with Medinova.

    Medinova has a unique concept of providing platform to various specialists from different disciplines, so that people visiting Medinova can take the best advice on health related matters. This has also added to Medinova's reputation.

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