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  • Nidaan was established in 2014 as polyclinic & diagnostic centre in Kolkata, with the aim of providing world class healthcare services and diagnostic excellence. Nidaan Centres in Kolkata is well equiped with all pathology, biochemistry, microbiology, cardiology, pulmonary and radiology services under one roof. These holistic healthcare approach along with our unwavering persue and commitment to clinical accuracy in diagnosing diseases and treating them resulted in the growth, popularity and reliability within 1 year of our healthcare services. We have opened a second center at phoolbagan , kankurgachi, in 2015 and at jessore road, Kolkata in 2016.

    We are committed to render world-class services, Nidaan Polyclinic & Diagnostic Centres are equipped with diagnostic machinery from Roche Diagnostic, Trans Asia, GE, Phillips, etc. The technology and the diagonistic aspect is taken care by highly qualified and trained laboratory technicians, radiologists, bio-chemists, pathologists, microbiologists. Diagnostic services range from pathology, histopathology, molecular biology, cardiology, radiology.

    Nidaan Polyclinic & Diagnostic centers are run by city’s best doctors of different speciality and have immense clinical accumen and the ability to come to a diagnosis and finding the solution for the same, patients can consult the doctors directly whenever there is emergency. Our center caters to the most dreaded disease of modern society such as controlling Diabetes, Blood Pressure, rheumatic problems and nervous disorder, psychiatric problems to provide holistic treatment.

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