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  • A hospital providing 205 bedded multispecialty care, with a special focus on oncology, cardiothoracic, Traumatology and specialized clinical science. We provide our patients with extensive hospital and ambulatory care. The hospital is well-equipped and has three OTs with 100% fresh laminar airflow installations and intensive patient care. Our OPD in all major fields and our research laboratory, including pathology and imaging, are available 24 hours a day. A significant area of care for cancer including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy is one of the most important disciplines in this hospital. We have brachytherapy, cobalt therapy, and linear accelerator hi-tech facilities.

    The bulk of angioplasty procedures at B.P Poddar Hospital are conducted radially, which reduces discomfort, risk of infection, and the duration of hospitalization. We deliver the lowest pricing compared to other nearby hospitals for Angioplasty. The strongest team of doctors and surgeons under one is available 24×7 with  promises the best care. Additionally, each patient requires the highest quality of medication that saves money, time, and contributes to rapid recovery. B.P Podder Hospital has a systematic medical model with an aim of combining multiple processes, beginning with consultation, diagnosis, surgery, and eventually postoperative therapy.

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