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    Na hi Gyaanen Sadrisham Pavitramih Vidyute
    nothing in this world is more sacred than knowledge

    ‘Bharati’, meaning speech, reflects another name of Goddess Saraswati, an authority on academics, arts and knowledge. Bharati College, a premier and prestigious college for women, was established as a constituent college with permanent affiliation to the University of Delhi by Delhi Administration on 20th September 1971 as Bharati Mahila College. As the name reflects, it focused on women education and development where the girl students had the space to express and learn. The college believes that an abiding social and humane engagement is the hallmark of its students.

    It started functioning from the premises of a Government Senior Secondary School for Boys located on the Link Road in Karol Bagh. A modest number of two hundred and forty-one students and a team of thirteen teaching staff spread over six disciplines formed the building bloc. Though, the college did not possess its own building, classes took place after 12.00 noon when the school time got over. However, in its third year, the building was taken over entirely by the College and started operating full time.

    Situated tantalizingly next to the erstwhile Naaz Cinema and the “Mata Ka Mandir” on one hand and the Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal and the Buddha Gardens on other, the college was situated right in the heart of the city. The Karol Bagh Market was a stone’s throw away and Connaught Place was within three-kilometer radius. In multiple ways, the location defined the college and it was called the ‘Pahariwala College’ in common parlance. Later, the college was allotted 8.6 acres of land in C-4 Janakpuri, West Delhi in 1976-77. Since the building could not commence immediately, jhuggi dwellers took over the site. It was in 1985, that the authorities could re-possess the land and construction of the building started in 1994.

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