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  • Since 2003, Tona Organic Farm produces affordable organic and natural food and agro products. We deliver across Kolkata and sell via partner stores across West Bengal.

    Just a 30 minutes drive from the Kolkata Airport, West Bengal, India, 
    Tona Organic Farm ® ​is a pioneer of end-to-end integrated organic farming in India.
    It is operated and co-owned by the farmers of the Tona village. 
    The farm was established with a focus on the following areas: 
    • #AffordableOrganic: Create an indigenous scalable chemical-free organic farming model that will drastically lower the cost of organic food
    • #HealthyMotherEarth: Create a pollution-free farming ecosystem through a zero-waste and chemical-free farming practice
    • #FarmersAsEntreprenuers: Engage local farmers as partners and employees, and transform poverty-stricken village life to a self-sufficient corporation​s
    • #OrganicCulture: Create a formal organic training ecosystem and make farming a lucrative and sustainable career option

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