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  • Maheejaa, an enterprise with a social cause aims to promote the traditional Bengal Kantha craft in a contemporary style. It translates the traditional skill, craft and heritage of rural Bengal artisans and creates contemporary, well designed products. Kantha is an age old craft where hand embroidered intricate designs are created by rural women. Maheejaa for the first time made an attempt to use these kantha works in a unique way i.e. in combination with leather. We introduced a unique range of leather bags using Kantha designs. Our range of handbags and wallets are made up of pure leather. Leather products not only last for decades but also it gets better with each use. Each bag has been designed keeping the customer’s every need in mind. Every bag has many compartments , separate pouches for cellphone and wallet. We have included beautiful leather tassels which is completely removable so that one can place them on the bag , anywhere of her choice. Or use it as a separate key ring. Most of our bags are multi-way , and one can carry them in more than one way according to her comfort. And last but not the least, we are just a call away. Maheejaa bags are one of its kind. We are committed to creating beautiful and original product. There is a bag for every occasion. Our high quality leather with matching Kantha designs makes each product radically distinct. Our bags are a beautiful combination of rural art and modern designs, so that one can carry off an age old story with style and poise.

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