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  • Established in 2007, We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of “Labard” brand laboratory Research equipment and Scientific Instruments. We Have wide range of Heating and Cooling Equipments, General lab Equipments, Microtomy Equipments, Microscopy Equipments, Clean Air System, Entomology Equipments, Pharmacology Equipments, Blood Banking Equipments, Visual Equipments, Oil and Petroleum Testing Equipments, Pharmaceutical Equipments, Electronics Analytical Equipments etc to various Universities, College, R & D labs, Institutes, Industries etc. Since 2005 we have been manufacturing scientific laboratory equipment indigenously which were being imported till then. It has always been our endeavor to have customer’s convenience in mind which constantly compels us to modify and improve upon our products continuously so that they have better acceptance by the end user. Slowly and steadily we gained confidence of our customers to the extent that our product specifications are being adopted for laying down tender specifications for purchase of laboratory equipment by major universities, institutes, college etc.

     Through our commitment to optimal quality standard and comparatively lesser price, we have established a position of one of the prominent Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters and Traders, Bolstered by our in-house manufacturing unit and quality optimization laboratory which are provided with cutting-edge technology and high end machines, that allow us to have complete control over production and quality. We invest in infrastructural set-up to streamline manufacturing and optimize standard of the products such as Water Testing Kits, Water Treatment Plants, Pocket Type Mater, Bacteria Testing Kits, Lab Equipment Chemical, Industrial Oven, which comply with industrial quality assurance standards.

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