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  • was a labor of love for Mr. Ram Krishna Sharma, owner and MD of Baidyanath. That was back in 2000, long before e-commerce could make inroads in India and when most Indians with internet access used dial-up connections! Not surprisingly, the primary objective was not sales. Instead, RK Sharma started the website as a hobby project, primarily to spread awareness and provide Ayurveda resources to readers. Despite this, became the 5th biggest health portal in the world at the time.

    In recent years, the website started to see resurgence in traffic due to growing global interest in Ayurveda. Mr. Ameve Sharma, son of RK Sharma and director for Allayurveda, then decided to reinvent the platform as not just a resource center, but as a multi-branded ecommerce market place. This expands on his father’s vision of increasing awareness about Ayurveda to also improve access to high quality Ayurvedic products.

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