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  • St. Teresa’s Secondary School (Kidderpore) was established in the year 1885 with the aim to promote the growth of the girl child --- Physically, Spiritually, Intellectually, Culturally and Socially. Our school is conducted by the Religious of the Congregation of the Daughters Of The Cross.

    In 1833, Mother Marie Therese Haze founded the congregation, in Leige, Belgium, which then onwards has taken a steady progress in educating women throughout the world.

    Our school has helped all of us to grow into an integrated person and a complete human-being with our head always held high. We have been shaped with sound education, a habit of co-operation, discipline, self-confidence, regularity, punctuality in order to reach a great height in the field of our works as well as in the society.

    Achieving success in diverse spheres is one of the key strength of education of our school. Education is not limited within our school but has also taken its way outside for the weak, the poor, the depressed and the rejected of the society. Illuminating through the path of knowledge beyond the boundaries is one of the motivating factors towards the society.


    Our main objective is to get re-united with the ex-students of St. Teresa’s Secondary School (Kidderpore), from different batches. Our aim is to stay connected with each other through our meetings or re-unions in order to erase the space that has formed with time.

    Love and Togetherness

    We Teresians are bonded with love and we believe in togetherness. We together can re-visit and cherish the memories of our own loving school by way of re-uniting with ex-students from different batches of St. Teresa’s Secondary School (Kidderpore).

    Re-uniting shows bonding with love which will lead us towards a path of a new dawn. A progressive and a healthy society is always a dream which can be achieved through our contribution towards the social world.

    Enlightening the world with our virtues, our morals and our values shall keep our slogan echo everywhere -“Once a Teresian always a Teresian”.

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