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    We are Redhorns - the leader in leather industry in Eastern India. Our home is Kolkata - The City Of Joy. Kolkata is a vibrant city that combines tradition with modernity. Kolkata is not only the intellectual & cultural capital of India but is also home to some of the finest craftsmen & artisans.

    We combine the heritage of Kolkata's craftsmen, state-of-the-art machinery & latest designs to deliver a world-class product & delivery experience.

    We are on a mission to redefine & recreate your accessories buying experience. Your style is personal to you and we are here to add a new dimension to it. 

    Our journey started in 2001 with a modest single store and one manufacturing facility. Currently, we operate out of 8 stores spread across the city of Kolkata in prominent locations. Our products are available across the country through our channel partners, distributors, dealers & retailers.

    Redhorns is committed to quality & excellence. Our products are handcrafted to perfection. We offer the trendiest products & latest designs in genuine leather and faux leather to cater to a wide range of customers. Our in-house design teams create products that match the latest trends & offer products to add to your style quotient. Our products undergo strict quality control checks from manufacturing to delivery stages. We have a team of highly dedicated professionals to monitor the entire process and simplify the shopping experience. We aspire to be a leading online D2C brand in leather accessories.

    Our brand logo "Redhorns" represents energy, action, passion, dynamism, and an air of subtle elegance. 


     To emerge as a trendsetting and youthful accessories brand of lifestyle products, providing high quality & latest fashion accessories to customers across the globe.

    Our Mission

    • To create a unique style that encompasses the trends of the world market.
    • Provide fashionable and trendy lifestyle products & fashion accessories that satisfy the needs of all age groups of customers. 
    • To continue to raise the bar of quality and provide customer delight by being a customer-focused brand.




    Our founder, Mr. Asif Gaziani, a young & dynamic entrepreneur, comes from a traditional Gujrati business family. He joined his father's business of leather accessories at the early age of 16. He received no formal training in leather technology. However, his keen interest in understanding customer needs led him to understand the nitty-gritty of the leather business. His tenacity and passion brought him early success. He has a knack for predicting fashion trends and introducing them early. He quickly added new products to his existing portfolio and introduced new fashion accessories for women. He traveled the world to gain a deep perspective on the emerging trends in the leather accessories business and built a great connection with vendors to introduce new products and designs in the Indian market. 

    He is well respected among his peers and often appears on social platforms for his contributions.

    In 2020, the world was stuck with COVID -19 pandemic. Businesses across the world suffered. During the pandemic, his business was also hit like others. Despite the loss of business, he stood like a pillar of support to his people & supported them in every possible way.

    The business scenario was tough but he was quick to respond to challenges.

     "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." 

    He took the traditional retail business online and after an initial struggle, his products were well received by the customers. Keeping a customer-centric approach, free shipping, easy hassle-free returns and a customer-friendly policy helped him win customer trust. 

    Today, Redhorns is a well-known and well-accepted brand in the leather & accessories segment.


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