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  • ENGIMACH 2021 is India’s second most acclaimed Engineering, Machine Tools and Automation Exhibition. The 14th edition of this machine tools exhibition demonstrated itself to be among one of the most comprehensive and protracted events with world-class facilities for product display, corporate communications, publicity, promotions, liaison with government bodies, and inter and intra-business interaction. ENGIMACH’s 15th edition is determined to be the prime contributor to the boost that our economy needs. It is the quintessential launchpad for new ideas, products and services, a conducive environment for forging joining ventures & collaborations, and an open marketplace to source ideal solutions.

    As time goes by, we keep adding newer shinier and more vibrant feathers of success and glory to our hat. It has been nothing short of a marvel to pull off such a tremendous saga of excellence and perseverance in our humble walk. Carving newer milestones and redefining the essence of achievements with every project we get through, we have made it a habit to surpass & outperform each of our achievements.

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