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    Vision – Mission Statement of St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai

    Celebrating 150 years of Provocans ad Volandum (“Challenging to Fly”)


    Vision: An academic community dedicated to the holistic education of future leaders who will demonstrate innovation in their professional competencies, integration in their personal lives and inclusion in their social contribution.


    Key Values: Innovation, Integration, Inclusion




      1. Ensuring competence, and provoking excellence and brilliance
      2. Stimulating critical and creative thinking
      3. Promoting multi-disciplinary learning, research and publication
      4. Linking studies with contemporary industry developments and applications
      5. Making core competencies socially and environmentally beneficial


    1. Cultivating PERSONAL INTEGRATION:

      1. Fostering confidence, motivation and vision
      2. Upholding honesty, transparency and accountability
      3. Facilitating emotional, interpersonal, social and spiritual intelligence
      4. Developing organizational and leadership skills
      5. Encouraging creative and collaborative engagement in curricular and co/extra-curricular activities


    1. Advocating SOCIAL INCLUSION:

      1. Respecting the dignity of others and practising compassion and concern
      2. Appreciating cultural pluralism and diversity
      3. Striving for social justice, harmony and solidarity
      4. Caring and providing for the marginalized and disadvantaged
      5. Strategizing to protect the natural environment


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