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  • Smily Kiddos is the most adorable kids stationery brand offering a wide range of premium designer products in USA, Canada, India, and UAE. Our products with attractive designs, colorful and stylized appeal not only fulfills kids stationery requirement but also give the gadget to proudly own and have fun. Our design and material specification team design and create each product, keeping your child’s safety, likes and functionality as an utmost priority.

    Beside online store, our products are available at a best-discounted price at all major retail stores in the USA, Canada, India, and UAE. The range of products is getting better in terms of designs and quality with each design bringing new memorable experience to kids. 

    The adaptation of flashy colors, peculiar graphics, kids friendly designs and great value for money is mainly inspired by our research on different ethnicities, culture, and psychology of kids around the globe. Every child has the right to have fun and should draw motivation from the objects surrounded by them. Smily kiddos is aimed to create an inspiring environment for kids through its elegant stationery products.

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